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Owner: Lisa Marie
celebrating a lifetime of loving grooming

Lisa Marie is a second-generation pet groomer who brings more than 30 years of dog-grooming experience to her business Everyday Pet Styles.  

She grew up helping her parents with their grooming business in Maryland.  “I fell in love with grooming and received so much joy from turning a scruffy, shaggy dog into an adorable, kissable pet." 

Lisa Marie is sensitive to the individual needs of each animal. She treats each animal with care and respects its unique personality and demeanor.  Her years of training ensure that she is able to groom each dog safely and efficiently. She is certified in pet first aid and pet CPR.  

Lisa Marie attributes her continuing inspiration to “tail wagging, doggy kisses and smiles from my clients.” 


Everyday Pet Styles creates a great experience for both the pet and their owner.    “It’s about building trust with the dog and the pet owner. "


Lisa Marie enjoys kayaking with  her two Bernadoodles, Idgie and Lucy.


Lisa Marie trains in jui-jitsu, and is pictured above on the far left at the Jui jitsu World Summit in Brazil.

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