COVID-19 Notice

We have implemented the following policies and procedures to protect you, your pet, and our staff during the current coronavirus pandemic.  Please read and follow these guidelines:

  • If you or anyone in your household is sick, please stay home. 

  • Please wait in your car, we will come to you.  No client will be allowed inside the gate.

  • Remove your pet's collar before we come to your car. 

  • Please do not touch our leashes. 

  • Please Do Not hand us anything through your window: no cash, no checks, no leashes, no collars. 

  • Please No Chit Chat while we are transferring your pet. Staying focused is best. You can call us to speak to us. 

  • Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth; if you don’t have one call ahead. 

  • Please don’t smooch on your dog before releasing to us. 


We are doing a little bit shorter clips on all dogs at this time, as all dogs are sent to the tub before I groom them. The hair will grow back, y’all. It will be alright. 


***We accept card payments by phone only. 


God willing, we will get through this by obedience and grace.  

Thank you and stay safe.

Lisa Marie

Professional Pet Grooming by Lisa Marie


Lisa Marie is a certified professional master pet groomer with more than 25 years of experience.  She is a second-generation groomer, having begun her training in her parents' business as a child.


Lisa Marie and her staff at Everyday Pet Styles provide a calm, stress-free, friendly and safe grooming environment for your dog.

8687 Highway 11, Chelsea, AL 35043          205-678-9385   

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